The Idea

140802_232The idea of Symbolsocks came up during a fight with my ex-girlfriend. We were living together and only owned black socks. Once a week we got into a huge fight over who has to sort the socks. Over time I got tired of this useless discussion and finally came up with Symbolsocks.

Finding an appropriate producer was a challenge (one wouldn’t believe how adventurous the textile industry is!) but in the end I succeded. The idea for the packaging came from my grandmother – she was also my first customer.

On average every European spends 7 hours per year on sorting socks. Additionally, we have on average 9 single socks per year which remain solo due to the absence of their partner socks. It’s about time to end this misery!

Admittedly, it’s not the solution to world hunger or climate change. But it’s a solution which makes the lives of many just a tiny bit more awesome.

Symbolsocks – Because a pair consists of two.