Why are there only so few symbols/colors?

We are just at the beginning, but working hard on offering you additional symbols and colors soon. If you have any suggestion on which symbol/color we should add next, please write an email to nextsymbol(at)symbolsocks.com.

If you are the first one to suggest a symbol-color combination which is added to our socks portfolio, you get 10 packs of Symbolsocks for free!

Where do you produce your socks and can you guarantee for safety and human labor standards at production sites?

We design our socks in Austria and produce them with a partner in Bulgaria. For us it was always clear that we wanted to keep production within the EU, even though prices in Asia might be lower. We are proud to contribute to the economic development and creation of jobs in a European country where living standards are still significantly lower. Through visits at the production sites we ensure that no child labor is used to produce our socks and that laws and regulations are obeyed.